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Train -Little House on the Prairie

Sierra Railway num. 3, the locomotive used on many Lhotp episodes, is finally here as a (FREE) printable miniature paper model!

Many different episodes are featured on this miniature model. Just print and assemble your favorite wagon, or take a good cup of coffee and make them all!

Download LHOTP TRAIN paper model printable here.

Tips: It is highly recommended to print the file at your local library. Not only will you save the whole black ink cartridge of your home printer, but the toner (a powder mixture used in laser printers) on the copy machine makes the ordinary copy paper a little thicker, and then much better to work on the miniature models. Do not use cardstock, it is too thick (difficult) to fold the models. Use ordinary paper.

About the Sierra Railway num. 3: “The locomotive has been recognized nationally as “The Most Photographed Locomotive in the World”, due to her dozens upon dozens of film credits. Sierra No. 3 has been featured in more Movies and T.V. Shows than any other locomotive. Sierra No. 3 was removed from service in 1996, pending major repairs, and was returned to service on July 3, 2010, at Railtown 1897 State Historic Park in Jamestown, California”. (source)

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