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Little House on the Prairie PLAYSET

The Little House on the Prairie PLAYSET (en Español, aquí) includes the little house, all the furniture and the Ingalls family figures (and Jack!). Download it for FREE, print it and cut, fold and glue as instructed. The finished model size is 26 cm long, 15 cm wide and 17 cm tall. See the image gallery at the end of this page!

Instructions for printing:

This PDF file is A4 format. It can also be printed on letter size paper. Always select “fit to paper” on your printer dialogue box.

Print out* pages 1 through 12 on card stock (thick paper) and pages 13 through 17 on regular paper. This is VERY important, because the house walls, roof etc. must be sturdy enough, yet all the small furniture should be printed on regular (not thick) paperif not, it will be difficult to cut and fold nicely!

* We recommend printing directly from the file into a color copy machine (Download the file and send it to your local library for printing –remember to tell them which pages are going to be printed on card stock and which ones on regular paper). You can also send the file to any other copy printing service. The home inkjet printer is good, but the ink does not last as long, and is more vulnerable to water.

What you will need:

A medium sized sharp scissor, a hobby knife, a butter knife (smooth, no sharp edge!), white glue and a ruler.

We spend a lot of ink proof printing several times each model, before they are ready for publishing! That’s why DONATIONS through Paypal for the work and maintenance of this page are gladly welcome! 🙂 Click here.

8 thoughts on “Little House on the Prairie PLAYSET

    1. Hi
      Can you print out the original site with the hardpaper and so on.i pay of course for the paper and freight.I had donate a smaller sum via paypal.pls let me know.


      1. Sorry, we can not send paper prints by post. :/ You may try the local library for the copy machine prints, or a print service on your community. They may also be able to send the prints by post to you. A relative or a friend could assist you with this? Hope you can get the assistance needed and get your prints soon!


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