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Little House on the Prairie FREE Paper Models & Coloring Pages

Weekly planners, bookmarks & other Little House FREE printables

Greeting cards, weekly planners, bookmarks & more, here!

Little House March 2023 Page Calendar

Download for FREE you Little House on the Prairie February 2023 Page Calendar here!.


These arts are made just for the fun of it. Print them out, and enjoy with your family!

DONATIONS through Paypal for the work and maintenance of this page are gladly welcome! Click here.

24 thoughts on “PaperPrairie

    1. Hi! Just download the desired file on the “Miniature paper models/ printables” and mount as instructed (maybe a family member can mount it for you?)


  1. What type of paper do you recommend? A certain weight cardstock? Plain paper (I think would not be too sturdy)?


    1. Hi! Mostly I recommend ordinary paper, but printed (from the file) in a good copy machine, like from a library (the library is not expensive:)). The toner on the copy machine thickens the paper enough for making a model, and still is easy to work on it (fold and glue).
      Card stock paper is ok if using an ink jet printer, but only for the big parts (like the walls from The Mercantile, School, Blind School…). All smaller parts should be printed in ordinary paper. 🙂


  2. I’d love to have someone print out everything for the Little House .
    I would pay for the printing and shipping. Someone needs to do this and earn so money and I am sure their others that would like to order a a set. If I order a craft kit all the supplies are in it. I love to do crafts and this would such a fun project.


    1. Hi! Sorry, but I can not send prints by mail, we live far away, and international shipping is expensive. You can try to send some of the links (as a test first) to your local library (or any other copy center), and they print it out on the copy machine. Those type of prints, directly from the file into a copy machine are very nice in quality. 🙂


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