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Resources for your Walnut Grove Diorama

Location map of Walnut Grove buildings

Here is a “location map” of the Walnut Grove buildings (to my best understanding!) 🙂 Notice that in reality the buildings were more apart from each other, but for the “village feeling” it looks nicer if placed closer, like shown on this map. You will need a surface of approx. 1.5 x 1 m. for such a diorama.

Background images for Little House on the Prairie / Walnut Grove dioramas

You can download all the 9 images in one PDF file here, or one by one (as png files) on this gallery:

Sand & Grass images for the Little House / Walnut Grove dioramas

You can download both images in one PDF file here, or as png files by clicking on each image below:

Drawing: Canal (water) under the towns bridge

Click here to access the PDF file.

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